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About us

About us

Many of our business relations are cooperating with us for a long time. More and more people, companies, organisations and governments are approaching us for a cooperation. Why? If you ask them they could give you 10 reasons:

1. Cooperation is very profitable / reduces costs

Because of low overhead costs and an very efficient way of working and producing, Emaigro is able to offer it´s business relations quality. Good quality and low prices. Thoughout whole Europe. We do not work with a bonus system for discounts. No, with Emaigro as your business partner, you always get the most competetitive price. Our dealers can sell our products at competitive prices to the consumer, while making a good profit.

2. Keeping things simple

For example: an easy price system, no extra charges. This saves you and your customers a lot of money and time.

3. A cooperation is easy accessible

No obligation for big orders required to become a dealer or customer. No minimum turnover required te stay a dealer. Not we, but our dealers decide which products they would like to sell. No minium quantity required for our standard stock.

4. A flexibele business partner

Together with our business partners we develop new products for every country.

5. Always available to serve you

One contact person, and you can always call him. Even during weekend and evening.

6. A wide range of products

our assortiment is enlarging continiously. If you cannot find what you are looking for, we will try to make it for you.

7. Engagement with community and environment

You can read more about it the column at the right side of this page.

8. Experienced in production, import and export

alreayd since 1999, we are active in whole Europe.

9. An ageless product that is always popular

A product that seems to last forever. Already popular for many years, and popular for many years to come! For dealers this means that a good presentation will result in a lot of sales.

10. Engagement with customers

besides information about our products, we are always happy to advice you about all other kinds of subjects regarding your business or organisation. All for free because we want you to do well. Do not hesitate and take advantage of our network and experience!

Our slogan?

“ Experience our way! ”

Emaigro, Environment and society

In our opinion businesses should not just try to increase their sales and profit. Every business should care about humanity and the environment. We have done this since the start of our company in 1999. By working together with Emaigro you are delivering a contribution to humanity and the environment automatically.

Herewith we show 3 examples of our engagement:

1.     Environment en durabillity
Enamel is a material that is 100% biodegradeble. Enamel products are extremely durable. By improving the way of production process over the years it has become environmentally friendly.
Products that do not meet our quality standards, can be used again. This means less waste during production. The steel plates that we use as a basic material for our products are cutted very efficiently. Almost nothing of the steel plates remains. This means we do not have to throw away anything. No spoilage, no waste.
We are now preparing ourselves to work according to ISO 14000 standards. We also think about the environment when we buy office supplies. Last but not least, most of the packing material we use for sending our products by post to customers have already been used before.

2. Social
before starting the company, both founders of Emaigro where classified as “hopeless to get a job” by employement agencies. We know what it means to build up a career from a difficult position. We have proven the opposite but by our expereinces we know what it means having to fight against predudices all the time. This is why we prefer to reinforce our team with substitutes that are struggling to find a job (for example because of a physical handycap).

3. Fight against poverty
some of the employees working at our factory in Romania have been saved from poverty. They are having good earnings now in comparison with most of their compatriots. However Romania has been an EU member since a few years there still is a lot of poverty. We are proud delivering a contribution to the economic growth of this region. Many times we travel to there we  take an extra car with us, stuffed with second hand clothing, televisions and computers.

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