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Emaigro and the press

Emaigro does not approach the press very often. It is a shame that a lot of organisations are using the press only to increase sales. Emaigro does not want to waste your time. We will only contact the press in case we there is interesting news about our company or products.

If there is interesting news you will find the press release here in a pdf file.

We felt free to tell you about something that we think everybody should know about our company.

Since the early start of our company in 1999 Emaigro have had a different way of working. At that time Emaigro was one out of a small group of business that had a serieus involvement with the society and the environment. We also had the opinion to put our customers in first place, and ourselves in second. Not only by telling or writing about it (like a lot of organisations do) but by DOING. Nowadays this way of working is adopted by many companies. Currently this way of working is well known by popular terms like ´social engegement´,  ´dropshipping´ and ´Lean´. For more detailed information and some examples see also the internet page entiteld ´About us´.

Slogan and philosophy

Everything we do is inspired by our slogan: “Experience our way!”

A slogan and philosophy have no value at all in case it does not come from inside yourself.

We are strongly of the opinion that you should practise your philosophy out of idealism, not because your competitors do.

Having an internetsite as a company is a necessity. However, just pictures and text are worth nothing. It does not give you any guarantee about the way of working and thinking of the company. There is a difference between telling about something, and make a practise of it by doing.

A company should be much more than just it´s products and services. Actually it is all about the people behind the company.

The company are the people. The people are the company.

You are always welcome to meet these people!